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[IP] donna: cataract surgery

To all you wonderful people who answered my silly question just wanted to let
you know how things where going.  As far as the doctors I have one out of
three learning.  My endo and I spoke today.  After telling him the advice I
received he also agreed that my pump should stay pumping.   He also agreed
that my dextrose should be the "non flavored" kind.  I go Tuesday and have all
the lab work completed.  A  little nervous because I know what my bgs will
do.  I want them to stay in the normal range like they have been doing :-).
My next dr appointment is the 17th to get second dr to approve the surgery for
insurance purpose.  The last step is the 26th which will be surgery if every
thing goes as planned.  My first vacation from teaching ;-).  Not the way I
would want to take it.  Anyway, I really appreciate all the advice you guys
and gals gave to me.  It was better than looking it up in an encyclopedia.  As
my second graders would say, "you're the bestest."  ---will keep you

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