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Re: [IP] Switching insulin

Kim Hinckel wrote:
> I started on Velosulin.  My doctor gave me an RX for Humalog.  He said my
> basal rates would stay the same (I have four rates in 24 hours).  I was
> under the impression that I might need to make a slight adjustment since
> the timing action of the insulins is different.  What has your experience
> shown?

Mostly that a slight timing change needs to be set up for basals. Make each
change in basal rate 0.5 or 1.0 hour later. That takes care of basals. Of 
course boluses don't need to precede meals by .5 or more hour, take them when
you start eating. If low start AFTER eating.
> Also, I prime my set and there are no bubbles in the tubing.  I put the
> reservoir in the pump (MiniMed) and lock the driver arms into place.  I get
> ready to give the .5 unit bolus and viola there is a huge bubble at the end
> of the set (silhouette) where it connects.  I need to bolus another one to
> two units to push the air out.  How is this air getting sucked in at the
> end of the set.  Am I doing something wrong?

I suspect it has something to do with where you hold things while loading
the hose. I always hold my syringe low, open end high, and push the plunger
to fill the hose. When I drop it back down to the same level as the syringe 
it will push a little insulin out since I pre-loaded it with a pressure "head".

After bringing the connector back to the same level as the syringe I always 
punch in a 2.0 unit bolus and run it until the insulin appears at the needle, 
which proves that there's no "slop" in the screw drive or swing arm connection.
THEN I connect it to the canula base and run a 0.8 unit bolus to fill the 

Ted Quick
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