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Re: [IP] Switching insulin

> I started on Velosulin.  My doctor gave me an RX for Humalog.  He said my
> basal rates would stay the same (I have four rates in 24 hours).  I was
> under the impression that I might need to make a slight adjustment since
> the timing action of the insulins is different.  What has your experience
> shown?

Your basal rate times will all need to be set two hours later (ball 
park number) the Humalog peaks about twice as fast as regular 
(Velosulin). Therefore, changes in basal rate will peak 
differently. Other than that, there should only be minor changes. Any 
time you make a major change in your schedule, insulin, things like 
that.... you should do a new basal profile to make sure everything is 
still OK
> Also, I prime my set and there are no bubbles in the tubing.  I put the
> reservoir in the pump (MiniMed) and lock the driver arms into place.  I get
> ready to give the .5 unit bolus and viola there is a huge bubble at the end
> of the set (silhouette) where it connects.  I need to bolus another one to

You should bolus 5 units after locking the syringe in place to 
tighten the drive arms and push out any air that may get sucked back 
up into the cannula during handling while inserting the syringe in 
the pump.

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