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Re: [IP] Silhouettes - separate purchases

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> I checked the Disetronics web page for supplies and you can order the
> Comforts (or was it Tenders?)

It's Disetronics Tenders, Comforts are sold by Chronimed.

 from them  - one box with 10 with tubing and
> 10 without, or a box with 20 infusion sets without tubing and 10 with
> tubing that would be the best for me.  I am giving them a call.  I just
> want to be sure they work interchangeably with the silhouette and Mini Med
> pump.  

I'm pretty sure they work with both of the other brands, since they are made in 
the same (or related) factory.

The picture I looked at for the infusion part looks exactly like
> Mini Meds.  However, the end that connects to the reservoir/syringe looks
> different.  Anyone have a Minimed and use the Tenders?

Yes, I've been using them for almost 4 years on my 506. There are 2 tabs on
the Luer-Lok connector that can get in the way of the locking piece in the
pump. Very easy way around it, twist the plunger around until the tabs 
point straight in and out when you put it in the pump. It clears that way.

Of course I've also seen something that says they make them without the
tabs now, haven't seen any myself, but that may depend on how much stock they 
had on hand before then.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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