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[IP] health insurance

Thanks for all the replies about health insurance. I decided to accept the
job that only has HMO plans: Kaiser and PacificCare. I will not join
Kaiser. My choices are to get PacificCare HMO and do everything through a
medical group, sign up with Blue Shield PPO through my husband's work, or
do both. 

It's such a mess. My OB/GYN is only covered by the BS PPO. My endo is on
all the lists, but he's 35 min drive away from me, and if I see him under
an HMO plan, then all my other drs have to be in the same medical group,
35-60 min away from me. It's a real nuisance to drive an hour away to see a
doctor when you're sick and you have to bring a toddler along! 

Oh, well. I'll sort it out. I'm just venting.  I hate the referral game but
will probably do it to save a few thousand dollars a year, even though it
will mean getting yet a different endo and ob/gyn.

Michael: you said that for $90 a month, anyone could get insurance on their
own. It sounds like it's worth checking out. What are the details? (I've
never heard of an independent plan that accepted diabetics as the primary
insuree, but I'll at least call them.)

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/