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[IP] pain in the butt

and NO this does NOT refer to certain people...

a long itme ago Barb G wrote:

>  Anyone out there have any experience with tendonitis? [SNIP].....Diabetic
> Shoulder Syndrome...physical therapy....cortisone shots, but keeps 
> hurting...sed rate done...something like fibromylagia

ME TOO!!! I am having this problem with my hip...I have seen the ortho, the
rheumo, the chiro, the endo and the gp...no one can help!  First it was I was
jsut out of shape and had over exerted myself...then it was
tendonitis/bursitis and I got a shot of cortisone in the hip that did nothing
but raise my sugars for 2 weeks and make my eye bleed.  Then I had sciatica
(sp), poor posture, bad shoes and poor eating habits, then it was suggested I
had fibromyalgia, but when I took the tests, I didnt have enough of the pain
points (think you had to have 12 out of 20 or something like that).  Then
there was the suggestion that I wasnt getting enough sleep...

It is now to a point that it hurts ALL the time - deep in the socket - sitting
for long periods of time, like on a plane or at a play drive me nuts.  There
is a definite loss of strength, flexability and mobility in this leg. so what
is happening?  any input?  Is this a normal diabetes thing or GOD FORBID, some
other thing?  

The ONLY over the counter thing that helps at all is NSAIDS (Orudis), but it
is bad for the kidneys!!!  aghhhhh  anyone???

*-)=B xoxx
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