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[IP] Sara's BACK!!! and this is long

Hello everyone!  I am back - didja miss me and my biting wit?  yeah, well I
missed y’all anyway!!  I feel like I have been gone for a long time...I tried
to keep up with the digests but finally just gave up.  

1.  Don't know why you were collecting it, but I wanted to add to the list:

years IDDM:  24          years on pump:  5.5                age 35

2.  The kidney medicine study is over.  The are studying the results but the
nurse said that they were stopping it due to some complications related to the
medicine which is a bummer.  I hope that complications for 2 doesn’t keep this
drug off the shelves for millions...if it does what it is supposed to...While
my protein is down to UNDER 400 (at one point it was over 1500), my creatinine
clearance has dropped below normal (75-120) for the first time ever - it is
52.  This is not good!  

3.  My f(*#@$ing eyes.  As you may remember, my right eye has been doing its
own thing for about 3 years now.  bleed, clear, laser, bleed clear, laser ad
nauseum.  Well, on my recent vacation in Texas, my eye doctor there said there
was no need for more aser (and having had over 4,000 hits in that eye alone, I
was ok with that).  What is bleeding is not the vessels in/on the retina, but
the ones that have grown up into the vitreous...can’t fry an egg if you hold
it over the sidewalk was his analogy...though the days I was in Texas, you
could’ve fried the egg if it was in a cooler held over the sidewalk, but that
is a different story).  SO...now he wants to do the vitrectomy.  I have to

a.  do I want it?  Howevermuch I am tired of the bleeding and the difficulties
that causes with reading, I DO NOT want another peripheral vision-less,
slightly double visioned, no longer circular iris eye with many, many blind
spots, like my left eye which had a vitrectomy in 1994.  Doc says my retina is
in great shape and I’d have probably a 95% chance of success.  

b.  If I DO have it, do I want to go to Texas to have this doctor do it or do
I have my bitch (sorry no other word is accurate enough) doctor do it here.
There is the slight chance that they have to put in a gas bubble, so I
couldn’t fly for at least 2 weeks after...Do I have my TX eye doc recommend
someone else here and then get to know him/her before having him poke sharp
things in my eyeball?  ANYONE IN THE NYC area ever have a vitrectomy and who
can make a positive or negative recommendation - PLEASE  email me privately!!

4.  There was some talk/discussion about the genetics/hereditary/illness
causes of diabetes - I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth:  Heredity:
neither of my parents or any of my grand parents have diabetes - I had a great
aunt who died of TYPE I just before insulin was discovered, her brother (my
great uncle) JUST started insulin at age 70 after many years being callled
Type II,  and a 2nd cousin who just died of complications.  He had Type I.
All this is on dad's side.  IMMUNE SYSTEM:  I had NUMEROUS ear infections as a
baby (and drank cows milk).  STRESS-INDUCED:  in the year prior to my
diagnosis, I moved from Canada to NJ to CO, my parents separated for a few
weeks, my brother was born premature with bronchial pneumonia, and was in and
out of the hospital with asthma...so for a 10 year old, I’d been through the
wringer.  TYROID RELATED:  Later on (high school), like Kayla, my mom
developed HYPO thyroid, and then my sister did, and when I developed a goiter
they hought I had it too, until they realized I had the OPPOSITE - aka Graves
disease. It was treated with medication for a year and has never been a
problem since.

soooo  what category do I fit in, or as usual - do I defy categorization!

I am going to the endo tomorrow...this is the one I spoke so hihgly of while I
was in the hospital...but this visit better be worth my time and energy this
time, as opposed to the last time when the nurse just kinda scanned my quite
detailed log, pointing out highs and lows and not really providing much intel.
I told the nurse and the doc back in June that I was very frustrated and
bothered about diabetes in general and my eye and vision in particular and
they referred me to a shrink, who I saw, and who I guess i ought to call back
and set up regular visits, but I dont know if talking about it with him is
gonna make me feel better!  I am NOT depressed about this - just pissed off!

so anyway...I am back now and will try to keep up with the digest.  I miss you

*-)=B xoxx
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