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[IP] tape not sticking and iv prep

A few weeks ago, there were a number of complaints about tape not sticking,
and we went through the usual suggestions (use anti-perspirant, use skin
prep, use iv prep, use a bottom layer of tape under the infusion set). 
I suspect iv prep is actually part of the problem, not the solution.

Right about then, all of a sudden I had 2 infusion sets in a row come
"unstuck". It coincided with some hot weather in the bay area, and I
decided to try an experiment. 

I used to use skin prep for a few years, and then used nothing for another
year. I use a bottom layer of IV 3000 tape, and even in humidity and heat,
even when swimming every day and wearing sweaty tight-fitting clothes (bike
shorts) for many hours, did not have sticking problems.

I started using iv prep in April when Minimed sent me a few boxes. IV Prep
is made by the same company (Smith & Nephew) as Skin Prep, and supposed
includes skin disinfectant (Hibiclens-like stuff) AND the sticky part of
skin prep. The sticking problems started AFTER I got the iv prep.  And yes,
I let it completely dry before applying any tape. 

I stopped using iv prep about a month ago, and the weather cooled off. It's
now been hot again for a week, and I don't have sticking problems. 

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