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Re: [IP] Mixing H and V

> My 3 year old son is doing pretty well on Humulog in his pump
> however we have some highs around 10 am and 4 pm.  When I check his
> basals by him fasting the numbers stay good.  The insulin to carb
> ratio works fine the rest of the day. 

That's really not enough information to say. Does he eat in the hours 
before the high, if so how many carbs, etc.....  If the pattern is 
consistent and the high blood sugar bolus needed to bring him down 
roughly tracks the amount eaten, i.e. eat more, more insulin 
required, then you can adjust his ratio slightly and probably fix the 
problem. Without more specific information, this is only a wild 

> My doctor has heard you can
> mix H and Regular, but hasn't done it before.  Do those of you that
> mix feel based on what I've told you, that my son might benefit from

Different question. In my request for information on who is mixing, I 
received 10 responses from the list. Most 'mixers' are using 5/1 
Humalog/Velosulin. There are a smaller number that mix 4/1 and 3/1 
and one person mixing 2/1.  One of those individuals mixes Regular 
instead of Velosulin

The lower ratios benefit persons with longer digestive cycles. For a 
kid, the 5/1 ratio is probably better - if needed at all.

> mixing? What would a good ratio be to start with?  I would
> appreciate any comments about mixing so I can be as informed as
> possible when I talk to the doctor this week.  Thank you! Kathy S.

You might mention that we have an email @ redacted list which is 
a forum for docs with questions for other medical professionals on 
treating pump patients.

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/