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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #461

>From the latest set of numbers I've extracted the following.  From long term 
readings of the list I think I'm missing a bunch of people and numbers.  

PLEASE get angry with me for missing you and let me know.  I think a list of 
YEARS ON PUMP is useful for a couple of reasons
  1] It shows it can be done
  2] Its an excellent resource for someone who is on for a couple of years and
     all of a sudden gets sight problems or the like.
  3] It gives us long termers something to strive for (OK: anyone who has a 
     longer time on pump get your name in: I'm tired of being the 'oldest' on 
     the list

By the way: I'm going to try a contact at minimed and see if I can get a 
'history of pumps' in terms of numbers in use over last twenty years.  If anyone
has a contact at disitronics try and get same (they will have a much better 
world wide database of numbers is my guess).

NAME             YEARS  IDDM             YEARS ON  PUMP       AGE
  Yerachmiel Altman     36.75               18.167             38
  Ruth                  21                  17
  Beth Smith            36                  15                 44
  Audrey Murray                             15
  email @ redacted                     13
  Paula Berketo         30                   7.5               34
  Rosalie               26.5                 6.5               21+
  Alice Eller           26                   6


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