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[IP] Silhouettes - separate purchases

Has anyone been able to purchase the Mini Med Silhouettes in any form but
the box of 5 whole sets and 5 infusion sets?  I would like to be able to
purchase separate infusion packages without the tubing, but am told it is
not possible.  Would anyone else like to purchase them separately?  I am
sure if there is a demand.....

Sometimes I don't need to change the whole tubing line, just the infusion
set.  We are all trying to save money. I am sure the infusion with tubing
is a bit more than the set alone.  Mini Med is surely getting so many more
consumers that this surely isn't a market issue, or maybe it is. 

A note on the "lisa thing" (what was that old song  "It's not Lisa,
it's..."?) I never read her stuff because the grammar and spelling were so
awful and she made no apparent effort to improve - an energy suck if I ever
knew one.  Don't have time in my life for those.  Did any of you really
send her presents?  Geez, it is a good thing what comes around goes
around.....she/he/it will get what they gave back.....as we all do. 

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