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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin Book

At 05:53 PM 08/02/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
> >Btw - is there any appliance for rolling up excess line?  If not there
> >should be. >>
>This is why I started using the 23" tubing.  I've been using it for over
>year now and find it is long enough, as long as I don't plan to wear my
>on my ankle.  Now I dont' have to worry about the tubing tickling my leg
>peeking out below my shorts in the summer.

I would go for the shorter tube, except that I wear the pump on my belt.
How would you deal with (ahem) those delicate bathroom moments when the
pump needs to be lowered down to the floor (along with the belt and
whatever it's attached to). At those times it seems like you need all the
tubing you can get. Or, are there are some tricks that I haven't learned


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