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[IP] Slogans


I too have survived without any complications.  I also like
to talk positive about my survival and about the wonderful
change that the pump has made.  I have also spoken with
individuals who have had a much rougher time.  Also, there
are those who have issues with regard to pumping, but who
get along on shots (multiple or single).  Any and all of
those should be commended somehow.  Hence my statement about
two groups for who we were talking of finding slogans.

However, within this group, I think that most of the people
who fit into the long-timers club, also are pumpers.  I
might be making a mountain out of a molehill.

May all of our good fortune continue.


truly life is not fun sometimes...I'm just so very blessed
to have made =
it this far with diabetes....I feel like sometimes that I'm
a good one =
to have this disease(if there is such a thing) especially
since I have =
my pump...to educate people is the key....but most
importantly I'm =
healthier than I've ever been...I like for people to look at
me and say =
"WOW look at her...she's doing great and loving it!!!!" and
I am..I'm so =
thankful for "the dark ages" and I laugh about the things
that we =
diabetics "used" to do...A sense of humor is a must...I love
talking to =
kids with diabetes and showing them...SEE I MADE IT and you
can =
with all my arms and legs in tact...(sorry I was always told
that I'd =
lose all of my body parts by the time I was 20!!!!!)anyway
sorry to =
ramble...I love the humor....and I think for the most part
most of us =
have a great sense of humor.....you guys are the
greatest....and I feel =
very blessed to have you all as support, as well as

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