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RE: [IP] Pumping Insulin Book

Thanks - I was hoping that my thinking was right.

Btw - is there any appliance for rolling up excess line?  If not there
should be.


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Barb Schiller wrote:
> I have been reading the book "Pumping Insulin".  I find one area where I
> would appreciate some clarification.
> In the section referencing taking a shower it tells you to clamp your line
> and remove the reservoir from the case and hang it around your neck.  Was
> this pre-quick disconnect days?

Yes, the book IS a bit dated. Try looking at the copyright date on the back
the title page. That's only when it was released for sale, and the
in it is at least a bit older than that.

Am I missing something?  I am assuming that
> when I shower I can use the quick disconnect or if I change my site and
> a new reservoir that I would also use the quick disconnect and remove the
> canola - remove the reservoir and line and attach new ones.

Yes, that's basically it.

Ted Quick
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/