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Re: [IP] pacificCare and Kaiser in Bay Area, CA

I personally have no experience with either HMO but I do have to deal with
Kaiser in my job. I am an RN Case Manager and most of my patients are in
California.  Almost all contacts with Kaiser have been nightmarish.  They do
not return calls, fax info they say they will or send injured persons to
appropriate specialists in a timely manner, IMHO.  (Some may live them,
however a very large percentage of the Kaiser patients I talk to are not
happy) I don't think Kaisers list of providers is very extensive, but it would
not REALLY matter if the Dr YOU want is on the list. 
  I suggest checking out the provider lists (books).  This is what helped me
decide last time I needed to choose. 
  Hope your job hunt \ decision goes well. Lynne
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