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RE: [IP] Slogans

truly life is not fun sometimes...I'm just so very blessed to have made it this far with diabetes....I feel like sometimes that I'm a good one to have this disease(if there is such a thing) especially since I have my pump...to educate people is the key....but most importantly I'm healthier than I've ever been...I like for people to look at me and say "WOW look at her...she's doing great and loving it!!!!" and I am..I'm so thankful for "the dark ages" and I laugh about the things that we diabetics "used" to do...A sense of humor is a must...I love talking to kids with diabetes and showing them...SEE I MADE IT and you can too!!!!!!
with all my arms and legs in tact...(sorry I was always told that I'd lose all of my body parts by the time I was 20!!!!!)anyway sorry to ramble...I love the humor....and I think for the most part most of us have a great sense of humor.....you guys are the greatest....and I feel very blessed to have you all as support, as well as friends........

I tend to think that there are two groups we are talking
Those who pump insulin
Those who have managed diabetes for a LONG time.

The two are not mutually exclusive, or inclusive.

The pumpers group has a lot of humor/fun associated with
various slogans ect.  My two favorites thus far are:
Insulin: it's not just at breakfast anymore, and My other
pancreas is a pump.  Which is not to discredit the others,
many of which have produced grins.

The other group (LONG timers) is a bit more delicate.  At
first I thought that we should recognize those who have
managed to keep on without or in spite of the hardships and
complications.  I don't know how to have fun with this
topic; it is not fun and I don't an appropriate recognition
for "not having fun" for a long time.  

I'm still mulling this one over.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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