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Re: [IP] Fwd: Lisa Carmichael...in pregnancy chat


Just a few discrepancies with Lisa's story ...

1) She signed on many times using the name Lisa and told us about due
dates, trips to the doc, etc.

2) If it was Tina who had the baby, why did she only identify herself as
Lisa's niece at the time the baby was born?

3) Also, if it was Tina, how could she be at the hospital ER delivering
the baby and at home sending messages to the IP group?  I remember
seeing messages stating that Lisa had just gone to the hospital, Lisa
was in labor, Lisa had just had the baby in the ER, etc.

4)  I seem to recall that someone (can't remember who) said that they
had talked to Lisa on the phone soon after the baby was born.

Somehow it just doesn't fit!

Thanks for the detective work Cindy!

<< Cindy,

     Sending an obituary would definately bring credibility to Lisa's
Also she might want to take a few spelling and grammar classes. A more
articulate response would definately cull favor.  ( Sorry it's the sixth
English teacher in me.) By the way, Good detective work.  ~DD >>


	... Sue  :-)

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		Give your Faith a workout!

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