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RE: [IP] I am wearing my pump

"The worst thing you can do is kill yourself"  LOL - you are right - that is
the worst I could do.  Since this afternoon I have bolused 3 times.

Once to correct a high because I have a chest cold.  1/2 of my normal dose
before I ate dinner and the other 1/2  an hour later (trying the mimic a
square wave I guess) because I have gastro-whatever.

Thanks for your comment it really made me laugh.  Thanks to everyone else
who told me to go for it - I did.  I'll just tell the doctor that I hated to
waist perfectly good humalog!!!

Now, I have to get busy and start sewing some pockets.


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Go ahead Barb,

The worst thing you can do is kill yourself, and I really doubt that
would happen. Why take a shot when you've been infused.

I was tempted to put mine in, but, I waited. However, no one came over
and helped me like you. The only tough part was figuring out the basil
rates. I totally could not figure them out on my own. I had no idea
where to begin, that is the only reason I waited. Finally, when they did
infuse me the basil profile was a straight .8 from 12 am to 12 am.
Of course I ran a few 37's, seeeing as on top of this, I was bolusing
8.0 every meal. I could not eat enough, and often I did not, just fasted
a couple of meals. Felt like a train was chasing me.

Do what ever you want, but if the cath was in me and I felt confident to
get programing, I would. The doctor may yell, but, so what. A simple I'm
sorry or I couldn't wait is sufficient enough to get you out of it.

Tim T.

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/