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Re: [IP] a big fat LIE?!?

At 12:32 AM 08/01/1998  Joseph Diffee wrote:
>Ummmm...is this Schizophrenics Anonymous or the Insulin Pumpers
>group?!?  O'kay, just checking!  Sorry, my sarcastic little personality
>appears once in a while!   Lord...who knows how many of us that say we
>are females when we are really males or males when we are really
>females...Sam?!?!?  LOL!!!!!  Lying does suck!! :-)   -Tonya D.

P.S. Ask Sara Hohn and Bart (from MiniMed) who have seen and talked to me
live. I'm definitely of the male persuasion, even if I'm getting a bit gray
and a little decrepit around the edges. Also, my full beard would look a
bit funny on most females.


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