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Re: [IP] I am wearing my pump

> Okay, so I have my pump on - the trainer came by and conveniently forget
> saline solution so we put humalog in the pump.  Now, he told me to wait to
> see the doctor before I set my basal rate.  This I totally understand.  So,
> the pump is in place - I have humalog in it - I feel totally comfortable
> with programming the pump - what is stopping me from bolusing with the
> humalog instead of a shot?  

Nothing, it works just like a shot, no difference. The basal rates 
are another matter. 

You should (have already) read Pumping Insulin, particularly about 
basal rates, looked at the junk on the website about setting basal 
rates, etc...   Chances are, your doc will make a rough guess at your 
basal rates and go from there. You can, however, make a very goodr 
estimate if you are prepared and have done your homework, starting 
with getting off any long acting insulin. This means you will have to 
take a shot of regular at bedtime and in the middle of the night to 
cover you until morning. If you follow the directions about setting 
basal rates, you can determine exactly what you need.

Why don't you discuss this with your doc and at least get the long 
acting insulin out of your system right away.

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