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RE: [IP] I am wearing my pump

Mary Jean,

I have to call on Monday and make an appointment.  I hope to get in this
week.  I can't help myself - I have to at least bolus with it.

I have the softset in - I thought for sure that it would hurt a little.  I
did not feel a thing.  I love this pump already


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<<  So,
 the pump is in place - I have humalog in it - I feel totally comfortable
 with programming the pump - what is stopping me from bolusing with the
 humalog instead of a shot?  The temptation is killing me.  >>


 I see no reason why you shouldn't bolus your usual amount of humalog. Have
you been giving injections in your abdomen?  If so, there should be no
difference between the bolus and the shot. (except that the bolus is much

When do you get to see the doctor to start the basals??

Mary Jean
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/