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[IP] sugery

based on experience, make sure YOU monitor your BG's as well.  a few years
ago I went in to have some cysts burned off my ovary(pre pump).  the
anestiologist(sp) called me the day before and advised me not to take my
shot the morning of the surgery.  I got to the hospital at my scheduled time
and had to wait.  I tested while waiting and was up to about 300.  I was
really nervous so the stress pumped up my BG.  I went and told the nurse and
she said we would have to wait until the doctor came in for any insulin.
they prepped me for the surgery and I had my IV's in and I tested myself and
was up to 500. now mind you, I am doing all of this on my own.  the hospital
did not test me. I also couldn't eat or drink anything so my mouth was
really dry.  finally my GYN came in and ordered 20 units in my IV.  well,
surgery went well, but I don't remember the recovery room.  they sent me to
the ward where I wait until I leave and it was my husband who tested me and
I was 25.  he had to tell the nurses who finally brought me juice to drink.
just remember that these nurse and doctors are very knowledgable, but they
don't deal with diabetics every day.  make sure you take control when you
get there.  

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