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Re: [IP] Medicare and Pump Problem

 Hi Carol, Medicare is not your friend, they only care about cost containment,
the sooner they can kill you the lower their cost. There is no way around their
rules, you can open up a cash account with the manufacturer and pay out of
pocket if you want to get ahead of the curve.

Here are some more rules you may not know about.

 1. You have to see your prescribing doctor every 90 days. If you go over they
wonbt ship your supplies.

2. You must use insulin obtained under Part B.  Or the stop sending supplies.

3. Unlike most insurance, there is no vacation supplies,  so stock up.


 > On Apr 7, 2019, at 8:12 PM, Carol
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I started on Medicare in December. I have an Animas pump whose warranty
> expired this past Saturday, so I started the process for a Tandem pump on
> April 1.
> Since I am not too familiar with Medicare procedures and didn't know how long
> it would take to get the new pump, I hedged my bet and got a lot of Animas
> supplies in March, just in case!
> My third party supplier just told me that since I just ordered supplies (for
> the old pump, of course) I cannot order any more supplies (in this case, for
> my new pump for THREE MONTHS. So, even though I will get my Tandem later this
> month, I cannot get supplies for it until June! So, I will have a new pump I
> won't be able to use for months.
> Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Carol
> Dx 1988, pumping since 2000
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