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Re: [IP] Your experience with t-slim or Medtronic

I9ve been an Animas user for 15+ years and am on my second week trial with
Tandem9s newest T-slim pump. After three days, I begged my provider to
place my order!

The predictive lows have caught lows I would9ve had to treat. In 10 days,
I haven9t treated a single low, and therefore haven9t had a single
unexpected high BG. I9m down from 28 units of insulin a day to an average
of 20 units. I9ve even lost three pounds!

I9ve got my Dexcom settings from 80-130, so I run a pretty tight ship. I9m
in love with this pump and can9t wait for my order to arrive. The
predictive high IQ will be available later this year as a simple software

The only cons I have to report are that the reload process is a bit more
cumbersome than Animas, and the clip I need to wear the pump on my bra
requires the pump be in a case. Both issues are far outweighed by the
positives I9ve experienced.

According to Dexcom Clarity, I was in range 85% of the time prior to this
pump, and now I9m in range 99%. Time in range is the new benchmark for BG
control, so I couldn9t be happier.

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