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[IP] Re: insulin brought Part B costs me more

 Excellent advice to start with a Medigap if you can because it is much easier
to switch from that route to Advantage vs the other way around, for the reasons
you say. And, yes, Advantage plans can be deceiving as far as the costs, plus
you're limited in your choice of providers with network restrictions, etc. You
also need to make sure their formulary works for your drugs vs picking your own
drug plan.

 Medigap G plans now make more sense than F's as the premium savings is more
than the $183 deductible. Of course no guarantee about what the deductible may
be in the future. Plus F's will no longer be sold after next year. Most likely
people who have them will be grandfathered but since new people won't be buying
them any more, over time the premiums will increase more. Pam

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 > On Apr 12, 2018, at 8:45 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I received a good piece of advice from an agent, who said that if I
> can afford a supplemental or Medigap plan, to do so now.  I have only
> explored Plan F and G so far (G looks best); but may look at others as
> well.  The Medicare Advantage plans look great at first if you don't
> use doctors and meds a lot; but then you look at copays and it starts
> to add up.  Later on, if you feel that you can no longer afford a
> supplemental, you can change to an advantage plan without answering a
> lot of health questions and no limitation on pre-existing conditions
> They only one that will turn you away is if you are end stage renal
> disease and on dyalisis.
> Pam is right, take the time to talk to a counselor at your local
> SHIP's office.  call 877-839-2675 and they will give you a local
> number to call your nearest SHIP. office.
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