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[IP] Re: insulin thru Part B costs me more

 Yes, unfortunately that is true for most people in Advantage plans vs Original
Medicare with a supplement. Both with Advantage plans and Original Medicare,
Part B drugs are at 20% coinsurance. However if you buy a supplemental plan to
go with your Original Medicare then that plan picks up the 20%. There are some
Advantage plans in some places that don't charge 20%, but all the ones in my
area do charge it, so most people are better off going the other route if they
use a pump. Anyone new to Medicare really needs to carefully look at all the
options and project all your costs under each, factoring in monthly premiums for
the plans as well as copays and coinsurance. And make sure you ask each
Advantage plan what the coinsurance is for Part B drugs, pump supplies, etc. Pam

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 > On Apr 9, 2018, at 11:23 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> After several hours on the phone with Humana (I have a Humana Gold Advantage
> Plan, an HMO) and three trips to Walgreen's, it appears that my Novolog
> prescription will be covered under Medicare Part B. I thought I would
> experience a huge savings over Paret D coverage. Nope. My costs through Part
> B will be $438 for three months of Novolog. Part Be applies because I use an
> insulin pump. If my coverage remained under Part D, my insulin costs would
> have been $391 for three months. The only advantage, based on what my Humana
> customer service person told me, is that there is no coverage gap (or donut
> hole) under part B.  That should be helpful . Anyway, I'm pretty sad that I
> didn't get the price break on insulin that other pump users have
> experienced. Sick really.
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