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[IP] Average BG translated into A1c (Variant hemoglobin?)

 I have been wearing a CGM for about 10 years now. First 3 with the Navigator
and the Dexcomm for the last seven years. My average BG over 30, 60, 90 days has
usually been around 150, and the reference books and even the Dexcomm software
programs usually translated that into a 6.5 A1c But my A1cs from the lab have
always been in the high 7s/low eights.

 Dexcomm turned off the feature in their Clarity program translating the average
BG readings into an A1c, so I was wondering if they were experiencing other
examples where people were reporting different A1Cs compared to what their
Average BG program would predict.

 In any case, I got a new endo and he mused that maybe I had bvariant
hemoglobin,b which means one needs a special A1c test to get an accurate
reading. But he said it usually happens in blacks and Asians, but Ibm white.

 Ibve had type I for 25 years. The thought that all along my A1Cs have been off
makes me sick. But so does an A1c of 8 that my averages say should be a 6.7.

 Anyone out there have bvariant hemoglobin? Anyone else have A1cs that donbt
correlate to average sugar readings ?

Buster in MD
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