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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1205

 This post goes to both Diana Phillips and email @ redacted B Catben54-
After 20+ years, I am also on a pump vacation. B Not sure if it's vacay or a
permanent change. B Like you, I was having major major site issue problems.
B Wouldn't know there was a site issue until I was hi for quite sometime. B I
have pretty drastic swings in my sugars, always have, but have usually
maintained A1C under 7. B Have had diabetes for 33 years- am very active. I am
now on tresiba and novolog and have found it works much better for meals.
B But I do miss changing basals for decreases in the AM and glucose increases
at night and for planned exercise. B There is really no way to plan for that,
but the basal insulin has done pretty good on me. B I just know I'm much
happier after eating meals that I'm not getting too many unexplained highs.
B I usually can point to a problem when it happens now. I miss the pump for
basal features only, but do not miss wearing one at all. B And Omnipod wasn't
an option for me because it's quite big and I'm a really little person...
B just didn't feel comfortable or look right on me. B I do wear a Dexcom 24-7,
would never ever want to be without it.Diana Phillips, I live in DFW and have
a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL endocrinologist. B Send me a note at
email @ redacted and I'm happy to give you the name and contact info.B 
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