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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1204

 I attempted a pump vacation but it didn't last but a few days. Reason: I wanted
to use the Roche Connect meter, which was the closest thing I found to a bolus
calculator/advisor. There were some phone apps out there, but I didn't like them
very much. My new HMO refused to move those strips to a lower tier and wanted
$200 a month for strips. Then they called me technologically needy when I tried
to state my case. They stated that "no one else needs that sort of thing" and
"One Touch makes a meter that does that too'...(No, they don't). I filed a
Grievance and they wrote me back and said the panel of experts essentially knew
more than I did about this.
  Then I only had one increment pens and didn't know how to take care of things
since I know I am insulin sensitive and one unit can often be too much. I hope
others do much better than I did, but I was thankful to go back to my pump and
in fact, I now have a new Ping to rely on. I was using the older Lantus, and one
shot a day was running out every day around 3 PM, leaving me with really high BG
all night. I suspect if I used a CGM I would have done better, and again I hope
it goes better for other people. It was a bit of a pain to take an injection for
everything, and it sure was hard to micro dose!
Laura happy with her brand new Ping.
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