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[IP] Re: (IP) insulin absorption problem

 I'm the one who originally posted about this which Tom reposted with his
comment at the end. The weird thing is, I did leave the old set in for several
hours before I removed it and saw the insulin bubbling out. And my basal isn't
that high - .7 units/hr - and the set was less than 48 hours old. At the time my
blood sugar begin skyrocketing up I had only been taking my normal quantities of
insulin, about 30-35 units/day TDD. Once it started climbing I did take a bunch
of corrections so at that point there was a large quantity which is probably
what bubbled out later. But at the time of the initial failure to absorb it had
just been my normal quantity for 48 hours.

 So I can only surmise that for some unknown reason the tissue at that site just
had reached saturation unusually early for no known reason. It's one of the
mysteries of insulin pumping and one of the great frustrations that I have. Or
maybe during exercise the cannula shifted and was then hitting muscle or
something which caused a silent occlusion? Hopefully the new BD sets that are
supposed to be coming out will help with this kind of thing. Pam

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 > On Apr 28, 2016, at 5:22 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
 > The absorption thing, & 'insulin leaking out after a set is
> there's a correlation that also includes a volume?
 > Wondering if a person with a higher basal vs one with a very low basal is
> likely to have insulin visible?!
> I KNOW that (FOR ME) the old site staying in for an hour or two helps me with
> that 'site change high' syndrome!
> I also know that my insulin does not absorb and/or begin to work very fast
> after a meal bolus. :(
> Perhaps my sites ( when working well ) simply absorb lower, & a set removed
> immediately after changing to a new set/site are simply still working in
> absorbing the already infused insulin? In that case, keeping the old set in
> allows that insulin an opportunity I to absorb?
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