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Re: [IP] G4 duration

You are not the only person who has reported this.

There is a thread discussing this on tudiabetes:


It could be that when Dexcom updated their software on their new receivers
it resulted in shorter lifespans:
a lot more ???'s than before (whether this was intentional or not is a
different question!).


On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 9:26 AM, John H <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  I got my first G4 in November or so of 2012. I didn't start using it
> until May
> of 2013. The transmitter went out in December 2013, and I got the whole
> system
> replaced. My "new" G4, I do not like as much. It seems that the
> differences at
> calibration time are much worse, and the question I really want to discuss
> is
> the sensors do not last as long.
>  I used to get around 3 weeks from each sensor. They were worn almost
> exclusively on the abdomen, but once in a while on the arm. Now, my record
> is 15
> days. On the last day or 2 I got a lot of ???'s
>  Is my new transmitter battery underpowered? All my sensors are from last
> year.
> Since I was getting 3 weeks per sensor, I was able to stockpile a bit. so
> it
> isn't the sensors. Is my new receiver "fussier"
> Anyone else notice this?
>  By the way, when I got my replacment system, I was using the new
> transmitter
> with the old receiver, until the receiver died in February. So in total, I
> only
> got about 6 months of service out of my original transmitter and about 10
> months
> from my original receiver. (Both were out of warranty since they sat on a
> shelf
> for a few months). I am not impressed.
> John
> .
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