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Re: [IP] G4 duration

I have similar issues.  My G4 replacement kit arrived just a couple of 
days before Christmas 2013.  I switched to using it (both parts) the 
following Wednesday.  Two days later, the transmitter issued its "Low 
Battery" warning.  It was very fleeting and I might not have noticed it 
at all.  Dexcom sent another transmitter.

Because of the way Minnesota handled the ACA, I haven't gotten any 
sensors (or pump supplies either) since October 2013.  Knowing that the 
state's insurance program was going to have snafus (and the F in that 
acronym does not stand for 'fouled'!), I've been hoarding sensors, 
infusion sets, cartridges...

So my sensors are not the freshest.  My receiver has some very touchy 
wiring...I push the button and nothing happens.  Get into the screen for 
entering BG and it skips past the up/down arrows where the actual entry 
is done, so I cancel and start over.  I am seeing many more ????, but 
luckily, not until the second week.  I want to get 14 days from each 
sensor (sorry, FDA, but you're not paying for my sensors!), so every 
time I pull a sensor before two weeks is up, that increases my cost per day.

I rely heavily on my Dex - when I hear 2 beeps, I know that I need at 
least 4 units. The G4 is much better than the 7+ in that way. When I 
hear 3 beeps, it's time to go test.  At the present time, should I get 
into a dispute with my insurance company over the issue of using a CGMS, 
if it's not covered, I will consider paying for it myself. If someone 
else gets a different system on the market, I will look at it and compare.

Denise Br.

On 4/8/2014 8:26 AM, John H wrote:
 > Is my new transmitter battery underpowered? All my sensors are from last
> Since I was getting 3 weeks per sensor, I was able to stockpile a bit. so it
> isn't the sensors. Is my new receiver "fussier"
> Anyone else notice this?
 > By the way, when I got my replacment system, I was using the new transmitter
 > with the old receiver, until the receiver died in February. So in total, I
 > got about 6 months of service out of my original transmitter and about 10
 > from my original receiver. (Both were out of warranty since they sat on a
> for a few months). I am not impressed.
> John
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