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Re: [IP] Back from the endo + Cholesterol questions


A few links from Google


 It's about fasting during Ramadan, but during Ramadan, if I understand you fast
during the day, but feast at night

Most google results discuss prolonged fasting, which is NOT your concern.

 My cholesterol levels were real low last time I had them done. I "studied" for
my blood test for about 5 weeks.

 1. Almost no meat. Sometimes a few bits in soups. My protein was basically fish
and some cheese, usually small quantities of either. Lots of veggies and salads.

 2. Red Yeast Rice and CoQ 10. I was taking 2400 units a day, which is way high.
I hadn't meant to do that. The pills were for 1200, and I thought you needed 2
to reach that dose. OOPS, one was all that was needed.

I was surprised I lowered it that much.

 In the past, my LDL was usually 75 or so, which is quite good, but my endo
wanted below 70. In my second to last appointment it was 95. Most recent 55.

My doc is a big fan of statins and I have been very resistant to go that route.


If you have a link to that UK study I'd love to see it.
 My endo says it's different for diabetics than for non, but I am always curious
if they distinguish between Type 1 & 2.
And finally,

 I am NOT a doctor, and what works for me may not work for you, and may even be
dangerous. If you get any kind of supplement use a reputable source.


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Congrats Denise! 6.4 is awesome!

I just got my lab work done this morning and was hoping my LDL numbers
would be lower because I moved to the East Coast last fall and the first
time I got lab work done here my Cholesterol numbers were high:

Your cholesterol results performed on 11/27/2013 are as follows:

Total Cholesterol = 205

HDL (the 'goo
= 129

Triglycerides = 55

My new endo out here immediately wanted me to start taking Cholesterol
pills, but I objected because all my lab work on the West Coast showed low
LDL values: 91, 66, 76, 82
so I found it hard to believe.

Well, my results from this morning are a tiny bit better:

Total Cholesterol = 181

HDL (the 'good' cholesterol) = 59

LDL (the 'bad' cholesterol) = 112

Triglycerides = 47

but I am afraid that because my LDL>100 they will still want me to start
taking pills.

Has anyone ever heard of LDL results being different fasting vs non-fasting?

On the west coast they never made me fast for blood work, I'm Type I...
fasting is hard when my sugars are low!
Here, they've made me fast both times (the first time I woke up with a 68
and had to jet to the hospital to get the testing done ASAP!) luckily this
morning my numbers were higher so I suspended my pump!

Could my LDL be higher out here because they make me fast?
(or even worse: could my low LDL values back when I didn't fast be
attributed to that!)

Thanks for any advice, I really don't want to take Cholesterol pills for
the rest of my life!


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:22 PM, d-d <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I am so happy. The upper limit of the normal range for A1C's at my doc's
> office is 6.5 and I got 6.4. :-) It's also a new record for me. :-) I can
> 'blame' this on a combination of things:  t-slim, Dexcom and a
> low-carbohydrate, high fat diet with no wheat.
> We discussed statins and Dr. B is a big fan of using statins.  He went
> over the results of a fairly extensive UK study with 10,000 people, half on
> statins and half on placebos.  There were lots of the placebo group who
> reported side effects of statins, which can be interpreted as
> it's-all-in-your-head type thing.  Regardless, I can stop taking my statins
> for a couple of weeks this summer, before my next appt., and we'll see if
> that does anything to my cholesterol levels!
> Denise Br.
> t-slim, Dex G4, low-carb and wheat free
> .
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