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Re: [IP] Medtronic Veo or Animas Vibe

 As others have stated, neither pump is available in the United States at this
point, but they're both at the FDA awaiting approval. We can guess and give you
a few opinions, but it would be great if you can figure out a way to contact
some international users.

 I used Medtronic pumps for many years and really liked them. I used their CGM
for 2-1/2 years and found it to be painful and inaccurate. However the Veo will
have a different sensor system called the Enlite which is supposed to address
some of the current sensor problems. One thing Medtronic is super at is the
integration of the CGM into the pump software/menu system and also with user
reports at Carelink.

 I recently switched to the Animas Ping in order to be able to take advantage of
the Vibe (or whatever the US version of the Dex G4/pump combo will be called).

 I find the Dex G4 to be miles ahead of the current MMT sensor. I can't comment
on how it compares to the Enlite, but maybe some European/UK users might have
some ideas. There are a lot of things that I don't like about the Ping, but most
of them are corrected in the Vibe. A lot of the endless scrolling with the Ping
goes away because the Vibe automatically enters the recommended bolus rather
than having to scroll it in.

 One thing that I know I'll like about the Vibe is that it will be the only CGM
enhanced pump that is completely waterproof.

 Everything I said here I could have replied to you earlier. Sorry you didn't
get much feedback. Also, please share with us anything you might learn from
international users.
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