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[IP] Medtronic Veo or Animas Vibe

Hi all,

I am on Medtronic / Minimed 508 pump from last 7 years and quite satisfied -
won't say great as it's without the cgms and requires multiple finger pricks
and still the control isn't great.

Today morning my 508 pump gave a low battery alert in only under 14 days which
actually should have lasted more than 22 days hence I am a bit concerned. Not
sure if the pump is dying so I tried to find out the best available options if
I need to shift to - however i will have to bear the entire cost as I don't
have any kind of insurance.

After doing some googling found that the two best options available today are
Medtronic Veo and the Animas Vibe. However, I am not sure about which one is a
better product hence thought to get some inputs from the fellow diabetics in
the group.

Would appreciate if friends having the knowledge on this can share as much
details as they can. Points which i have shortlisted are as below - however
additional inputs would add more value to the discussion:

Veo or Vibe

1) Is the Pump & CGMS integrated in the same device?

2) Reservoir of the pump - how much insulin can it carry?

3) Is there a remote control to operate the pump?

4) Intelligent features in the pump - like the pump can be set to turn off if
the BG goes low or may be an alarm if the BG goes high.

5) Size of the pump - I would ideally like a smaller pump

6) Battery life of the pump

7) Whether features like Bolus calculators / suggestions, food database, etc.
are available in the pump

8) Reliability of the CGMS - are the new CGMS's in these models good enough to
be trusted upon or still need multiple finger pricks?

9) Is there some new technology that has been adopted in these CGMS's for
improving the reliability?

10) Support from the company?

11) The most important factor - Cost! Considering if a patient needs to
pay the entire cost himself (like me) for the pump as well as
       the monthly

12) Any additional points that I missed?

13) Any other integrated pumps + cgms which are better or at par with the
above mentioned?

Melbourne - Australia
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