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[IP] Enlite sensors dying at 5 day mark

 I've recently starting using the Medtronic Enlite sensors. About to start my
5th sensor. I've been finding that they only are lasting 5 days instead of the
stated 6. I've only had 1 go the full 6 days so far.

 I've had 1 last 6 days. Two have had calibration errors on day 4/5 and one came
up with a "Sensor Error" today.

 I'm following the instructions on how to insert them, went through it with a
trainer from Medtronic, but I'm wondering if its me or the sensor.

 I've also found that the sensor, when I remove it usually has a bit of kink in

Anyone else using the Enlites and had similar issues? Any suggestions or tips?

 Losing 1 day on the sensor I can accept once in a while, but as a going
concern, that starts to add to the costs of an already pretty expensive system.

Dave Zakary
T1, 34 yrs
Pumping 15 yrs

For me, failure is not an option.
It comes standard with everything I do.
David Zakary
email @ redacted
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