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RE: [IP] So Sad

Dear Sad.

I have been in the depths of depression many times, and hospitalized 3
times.  Even so, I will not tell you "I know how you feel."  Or "Others feel
the same way" or "others have worse problems than you", or other things in
that same vein.  I am NOT, by any means, criticizing those on IP who have
used those or similar phrases; for some people they are very helpful!!  I
only know that FOR ME, these were not helpful and only made me feel guilty
for not "bucking up" or other such phrases.  Everyone's depression is
different and everyone's reaction to it is different.  Please, don't anyone
take my comments as criticism of you; they are NOT.

The information everyone is giving you on how to get meds and supplies at
little or no cost is extremely helpful; I have used it after
hospitalizations when I wasn't able to hold a job and therefore had no
insurance.  The drug companies can be incredibly kind and helpful.  Also,
nearly all counties in the U.S. have "Free Clinics" where people see doctors
and nurses (and others) who volunteer their time to help people who have no
insurance.  Another fantastic resource.

Please get help for your depression;  you need to get out of that deep dark
hole to be able to force yourself to take advantage of all the resources
available to you.

Look at how many people on IP heard your cry for help and responded.  I am
available to you if you want to contact me off-line.  I would bet most of
the others are too.


"One of the greatest experiences in life is making a difference in someone
else's life."

<<Dear Sad  if ts any consolation, you are not alone.  Urb Anism is right,
though, you need to get help with your depression.  Or reach inside yourself
and say I can do this.  If you keep saying I cant, you have already
given up>>.
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