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Re: [IP] Airline Travel

 The metal detectors catch the pump and the sensor as both contain metal. When I
fly I always tell the TSS at the conveyor I have a pump and sensor. I then tell
the agent at the metal detector. I agree that TSS needs more education but they
don't follow their own guidelines on their website as it is airport by airport.
I usually have no issues flying out if Albany, by but last year on my way to
aade TSS agents for the pat down were just stupid. The agents in Las Vegas and
Raleigh seemed more educated and was very easy - informed them, was patted down,
pump and sensor and hands swabbed then ony way. Took about 2 minutes.

 There is some discussion that if a pumper knowingly puts there cgm and pump
thru X-ray and it malfunctions that the company will not replace for free if
under warrantee. I support this move. It is deliberate acts such as this that
influence medical costs.

 I am sure some will be offended by my words but think about the bigger picture
if all of us on this list. None of us want to see the cost of our insurance or
supplies go up any more than it already does.


T1 x 40 years, pumping since 1985; RN CDE

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On Apr 25, 2013, at 20:08, "Pumper" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I just pack EVERYTHING In my backback except the pump and CGM transmitter 
> Leave everything on and transmitting and walk through whatever scanner they
> are running that day at that airport 
> If it's the body scanner expect them to question it and to have your hands
> swabbed 
> if it's the metal detector often nothing happens 
> If you make a big deal out of it, with declarations and demanding special
> handling EXEPECT them to reply with a BIGGER problem ... 
> If you treat it all like a walk in the park - you will get less hassle 
> just try to blend 
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> I'm flying for the first time with my pump on Monday.  I'm prepared to tell
> the security people that I may not walk through the scanning thing and that
> my pump is not allowed to go through the conveyor x-ray.  I have a letter
> from my doctor. Is this going to be a big issue/problem? Any helpful hints?
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