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Re: [IP] So Sad

Dear Sad  if ts any consolation, you are not alone.  Urb Anism is right,
though, you need to get help with your depression.  Or reach inside
yourself and say I can do this.  If you keep saying I cant, you have
already given up.

I have not been working since July 2010.  My husband, who retired before me
wanted me home.  Who knows how many years we have left before we leave this
earth?  He has COPD, asthma and still smoking.  And I, of course, am a Type
1 with a multitude of problems too long to list here.  This was his
reasoning: we needed to be together as long as possible, rather than spend
eight or nine hours in an office.  We figured with his Social Security
check we would be able to make ends meet in Central America.  That did not
work out; so we came back to the States and are still making ends meet.  I
am still too young to collect SS.  We also have no insurance.

This did not happen overnight.  The first thing I started doing was write
down all our expenses, no matter how small, from $1.00 donation to church
to $.25 for a parking space, telephone, electric, gas, taxes, food, water
and so on.  You get the picture.  Then we asked ourselves, where can we cut
down?  Landline with no frills if you still need a landline, prepaid cell
phone instead of having a contract, no TV, cable or satellite, go to the
library instead of buying books.  Rather than buying prepackaged foods, buy
the ingredients to make what you need to eat.  For example, taco seasoning
in a little packet?  Instead make your own. You may already have all the
ingredients in your pantry.  There are lots of websites where you can get
recipes to make things from scratch.  You don't use taco seasoning?  It
could be anything you use in your home, cleaning supplies, reusing and
recycling.   I did not think of this process as depriving myself of this or
that; but I took pride in my resourcefulness in finding alternatives.

By compromising on some of these things, you have more leeway for your
medicines.  After you do this for a week or two, you will begin to see a
pattern to your purchases/expenses.   Now you can say, I can do without
this or that.  When it comes to insulin you are not going to be able to
compromise.  But here are a few ideas.  You say you are in NJ.  How long
would it take you to get across the border to Canada?  With a doctors
prescription it may be worth your while to drive there and get a supply for
three or six months or a year. Thats my next step.  But I live I Georgia
and it will be more expensive for me to get there.  Do you take other
medicines beside insulin, go generic.  Insist on it with your doctor   He
may try to tell you that this medication or that other one is not as
effective; thats not true.  In order for a manufacturer to make a
medicine, he will have to meet the same standards as the original
manufacturer went through to get FDA approval.  I went from $90 Lipitor or
Vytorin to a generic statin from Costco for less than $10 for a three-month
supply.  Walmart has a great generic program and so does Sams and Costco
if you have a membership.  Going back to insulin.  Do you have friends who
travel to Central or South America?  They can bring back insulin for you at
a fraction of the cost with no prescription.

Lets talk about the sensor you are using.  It seems that insurance
companies are going by Medicare rules that this is a DME and are not going
to pay for it.  Are you a recently diagnosed diabetic?  If not, what did
you do before the sensor, before the pump?  You used some sort of glucose
tester and shots, right?  Those of us who have had this disease for many
years started like that and it can be done again, even if you have to take
eight shorts a day and test every one or two hours.  Testing supplies?
 Check out Walmart ReliOn Prime glucose meter.  I think it can be bought
for $8 or $9 dollars.  The trips are $9 for 50.  They also have A1C kits
and other diagnostic supplies.  Contrary to what some diabetes educators
tell you, you can reuse syringes until they become dull.  By trial and
error you will find out what works for you

You can do all this and more.  You are an intelligent human being and can
think of many alternatives.  And thank God we read IP.  There is some great
support out there.  We have all gone through some rough spots; but life is
still worth living dont let yourself or others tell you otherwise.  All my
best, Liliana

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Urb Anism <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Well, you make $300 a month more than I do. You can do it, even with less!
> You can apply for food stamps, assistance with utilities, go to food
> pantries--a few little things that might help out.
> B
> On Saturday, April 27, 2013, wrote:
> > I apologize for posting an additonal message to my prior message.  The
> > morning
> > after Sandy, when I passed out in the car, I evidently had an issue occur
> > that
> > required the EMTs to transport me to the hospital (I was revived while in
> > the
> > ambulance on the way to the hospital).  That was a fairly minor car
> repair,
> > and one day after retrieving my car from the body shop, I drove home and
> > passed out in my apartment building's parking lot, which required the
> > police
> > to shatter my window in an attempt to remove me from the car, a rental
> car,
> > which also required me to be transported to the hospital.   The car
> rental
> > company charged me for the payment for repair of the window, since my
> > deductible on my insurance policy did not cover the charges.  They also
> > evidently claimed that the replacement rental had a dent on the car's
> roof,
> > which I did NOT cause in any way, shape or form, but they are insisting
> > that I
> > did and that I am responsible for paying for it.
> >
> > I have two part time jobs.  One is only paying me $150 per week, even
> > though I
> > work 24 hours per week.  This is with my former boss, who left our prior
> > job
> > and started her own solo practice law firm and requested that I work
> about
> > three to four hours three days per week.  I also have my PT job that I
> have
> > been working at for five years.  My unemployment coverage will be
> expiring
> > in
> > just a few weeks.  Once that occurs, I will no longer have any form of
> > adequate income.  I make between $900 and $1,000 per month.  This is yet
> > another reason why I have no interest in living.  How can I survive on
> this
> > lack of funds?  Please, someone help me with what I requested below -- I
> > will
> > accept a job ANYWHERE in this country.  I have no significant human
> > connection
> > requiring me to remain here.  If I can't find a job, I truly want out of
> > this
> > continued form of life.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Christine
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: india910 <email @ redacted <javascript:;>>
> > To: IP <email @ redacted <javascript:;>>
> > Sent: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 11:11 am
> > Subject: [IP] So Sad
> >
> >
> > I am so very, very, very sad and depressed and discouraged.  I do not
> have
> > a
> > job, I have been out of work since August 14, my third job loss since
> June
> > 2008, and do not have reasonable insurance coverage.  I am not able to
> > afford
> > COBRA coverage and to insure that I would have continuous medical
> > coverage, I
> > bought a minimal, limited policy in September.  This insurance plan only
> > offers a small percentage discount on name-brand prescriptions, which of
> > course are what insulin and test strips are, so I cannot afford to
> purchase
> > any prescriptions.  My last doctor visit, although I specifically bought
> > this
> > coverage because the agent who sold me the policy told me that my
> > endocrinologist was on the plan, was not covered at all.  The insurance
> > paid
> > NOTHING and i am responsible for the entire bill -- over $250.00, in the
> > form
> > of two separate EOB forms.  Further, I have absolutely NO DME coverage,
> and
> > just the other day, my Dexcom Seven Plus, which I have not been able to
> > replace with a G4, has ceased working.  I called Dexcom technical support
> > today, and someone is supposed to contact me on Monday.  The last sensor
> I
> > used was about three weeks ago.  I inserted THREE Seven Plus sensors over
> > the
> > last 2.5 days, and although I was charging my receiver the way i normally
> > do
> > and it typically does not read out of range once I start a sensor, this
> one
> > NEVER corrected itself to be in range no matter how long after I inserted
> > it
> > (well over 2 hours) I waited for it to correct itself and ask me for the
> > two
> > startup BG readings.  The last sensor I inserted prior to these three
> gave
> > me
> > an immediate sensor error once I entered the two startup BGs.  I know
> that
> > my
> > receiver is no longer working adequately.  My having a CGM is so critical
> > to
> > my life -- I am one who suffers from severe, significant hypo unawareness
> > and
> > this device has been a lifesaver for me, one that I've been wearing since
> > September 2010.  I truly cannot even comprehend losing my Dexcom -- it is
> > something I have no ability to understand.  I NEED A JOB.  Please,
> someone,
> > help me to find a job.  I will move ANYWHERE in the United States where
> > someone can insure that I get a legal secretarial/legal assistant
> position.
> > I
> > need insurance coverage.  My car insurance, on the last renewal which is
> > starting on June 7, 2013, has increased two hundred dollars since the
> last
> > six-month period due to my having a very, very, very, very bad period of
> > luck
> > since October 30, the morning after Hurricane Sandy (I live in New
> Jersey;
> > we
> > were hit very badly with Sandy and I passed out in my car the morning
> after
> > the hurricane driving home from the store, while still without power, and
> > after that period have had several other claims that have been entered,
> two
> > of
> > which are not valid but are still being placed on my shoulders.
> >
> > I am no longer interested in living.  My hope is that a low BG will kill
> me
> > one of these days very soon.  I really would rather die. I have never
> been
> > more serious in my life.  I really am not interested in living any
> longer.
> > Being unable to find a job was made me so discouraged, so ashamed and so
> > humiliated.  I have isolated myself terribly over the last number of
> > months.
> > I do not clean my apartment.  I do not do anything adequate to live my
> > life.
> > I just want out.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Christine
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