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Re: [IP] So Sad

Well, you make $300 a month more than I do. You can do it, even with less!
You can apply for food stamps, assistance with utilities, go to food
pantries--a few little things that might help out.

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, wrote:

> I apologize for posting an additonal message to my prior message.  The
> morning
> after Sandy, when I passed out in the car, I evidently had an issue occur
> that
> required the EMTs to transport me to the hospital (I was revived while in
> the
> ambulance on the way to the hospital).  That was a fairly minor car repair,
> and one day after retrieving my car from the body shop, I drove home and
> passed out in my apartment building's parking lot, which required the
> police
> to shatter my window in an attempt to remove me from the car, a rental car,
> which also required me to be transported to the hospital.   The car rental
> company charged me for the payment for repair of the window, since my
> deductible on my insurance policy did not cover the charges.  They also
> evidently claimed that the replacement rental had a dent on the car's roof,
> which I did NOT cause in any way, shape or form, but they are insisting
> that I
> did and that I am responsible for paying for it.
> I have two part time jobs.  One is only paying me $150 per week, even
> though I
> work 24 hours per week.  This is with my former boss, who left our prior
> job
> and started her own solo practice law firm and requested that I work about
> three to four hours three days per week.  I also have my PT job that I have
> been working at for five years.  My unemployment coverage will be expiring
> in
> just a few weeks.  Once that occurs, I will no longer have any form of
> adequate income.  I make between $900 and $1,000 per month.  This is yet
> another reason why I have no interest in living.  How can I survive on this
> lack of funds?  Please, someone help me with what I requested below -- I
> will
> accept a job ANYWHERE in this country.  I have no significant human
> connection
> requiring me to remain here.  If I can't find a job, I truly want out of
> this
> continued form of life.
> Thank you,
> Christine
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> From: india910 <email @ redacted <javascript:;>>
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> Sent: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 11:11 am
> Subject: [IP] So Sad
> I am so very, very, very sad and depressed and discouraged.  I do not have
> a
> job, I have been out of work since August 14, my third job loss since June
> 2008, and do not have reasonable insurance coverage.  I am not able to
> afford
> COBRA coverage and to insure that I would have continuous medical
> coverage, I
> bought a minimal, limited policy in September.  This insurance plan only
> offers a small percentage discount on name-brand prescriptions, which of
> course are what insulin and test strips are, so I cannot afford to purchase
> any prescriptions.  My last doctor visit, although I specifically bought
> this
> coverage because the agent who sold me the policy told me that my
> endocrinologist was on the plan, was not covered at all.  The insurance
> paid
> NOTHING and i am responsible for the entire bill -- over $250.00, in the
> form
> of two separate EOB forms.  Further, I have absolutely NO DME coverage, and
> just the other day, my Dexcom Seven Plus, which I have not been able to
> replace with a G4, has ceased working.  I called Dexcom technical support
> today, and someone is supposed to contact me on Monday.  The last sensor I
> used was about three weeks ago.  I inserted THREE Seven Plus sensors over
> the
> last 2.5 days, and although I was charging my receiver the way i normally
> do
> and it typically does not read out of range once I start a sensor, this one
> NEVER corrected itself to be in range no matter how long after I inserted
> it
> (well over 2 hours) I waited for it to correct itself and ask me for the
> two
> startup BG readings.  The last sensor I inserted prior to these three gave
> me
> an immediate sensor error once I entered the two startup BGs.  I know that
> my
> receiver is no longer working adequately.  My having a CGM is so critical
> to
> my life -- I am one who suffers from severe, significant hypo unawareness
> and
> this device has been a lifesaver for me, one that I've been wearing since
> September 2010.  I truly cannot even comprehend losing my Dexcom -- it is
> something I have no ability to understand.  I NEED A JOB.  Please, someone,
> help me to find a job.  I will move ANYWHERE in the United States where
> someone can insure that I get a legal secretarial/legal assistant position.
> I
> need insurance coverage.  My car insurance, on the last renewal which is
> starting on June 7, 2013, has increased two hundred dollars since the last
> six-month period due to my having a very, very, very, very bad period of
> luck
> since October 30, the morning after Hurricane Sandy (I live in New Jersey;
> we
> were hit very badly with Sandy and I passed out in my car the morning after
> the hurricane driving home from the store, while still without power, and
> after that period have had several other claims that have been entered, two
> of
> which are not valid but are still being placed on my shoulders.
> I am no longer interested in living.  My hope is that a low BG will kill me
> one of these days very soon.  I really would rather die. I have never been
> more serious in my life.  I really am not interested in living any longer.
> Being unable to find a job was made me so discouraged, so ashamed and so
> humiliated.  I have isolated myself terribly over the last number of
> months.
> I do not clean my apartment.  I do not do anything adequate to live my
> life.
> I just want out.
> Sincerely,
> Christine
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