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[IP] OmniPod Pod adhesion question

My son uses the OmniPod and loves it...except for this time of year when his
pods don't stick as well and his skin begins to itch terribly underneath. 
Thus leading to him tearing them off only after a day or so after we put the
new pod on.  We are going through lots of pods and insulin due to this.  I'm
hoping to get some advice on what people use under the pod's to help them
stick and or put a barrier between the adhesive of the pod and you skin. I
currently clean the skin with alcohol, then apply Skin Tac, let it dry and
then put the pod on top of that.  In the winter it is OK, but not now.  I
know people have asked this in the past, but any help or advice you have, I
would greatly appreciate.  Today I tried a hypo allergenic Tagaderm under the
pod but the Tagaderm is only the size of the pod and not sure if I need a
bigger size.  We'll see how that works.  Thanks as allays for your help and
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