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Re: [IP] What is a Glooko?

It's free so I downloaded it for a try.
It works on iPods and iPads too (same OS)
 Unfortunately it will not (yet ?) communicate with my Bayer Contour Link, nor
with the Enlite sensor and my Veo pump.
 You need the cable, and anyway the app will not be able to take the CGM data
into account.
And I finger test only three times a day, usually.

 I am afraid Medtronic will not help them doing that, because it would be a good
and safe alternative to the Carelink system.
 I hate giving Medtronics all a my Type I datas. I do NOT trust them, because I
can see what they could do with it? Like communicating them to insurance
companies. ;-(
OK they promise not to do that.

 What about hacking the system ? Anybody up to it ? Seems rather easy to do,
probably easier than hack-bolusing someone else's pump
 I would love to have all the datas from my CGMS sent to my iPod in real time,
with the very nice interface Glooko provides.
 I could relate all the curbs to my activities and meals. What a progress, and
easy way to learn more about my diabetes ?

Jean Debefve

Le 27 avr. 2012 ` 06:01, Denise a icrit :

 > It looks like an app on an iPhone that will read your glucose meter and
transfer the results to your phone for emailing and/or faxing. It only works on
iPhones right now and only works for a few certain meters.
> When they get it to work on Androids, then I'll look into it.
> Denise B.
> On 4/26/2012 7:54 PM, Dianne De Mink wrote:
>> What is a Glooco?
>> D
> .
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