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Re: [IP] Endo Appointment

I have a ping and you are not the only one with leaking cartridges.  They just
replaced my unit but did not admit there was anything wrong with it.  You
could smell the insulin in the pump and my sugars were all over the place.
When it worked well, it was great but normally would not work well.  I just
think a lot of people don't check their cartridges for bubbles.  Mine was
always full of bubbles so how the heck could the dose be alright if it was
leaking air.  Well, we shall see how the replacement works.  I'm going to make
a big stink and report them to FDA if it does not work and I suggest you go to
the FDA website right now and report your problem.  If enough people report
it, animas cannot deny this as they are doing now.  Their reason for replacing
the pump....I lost faith in the old one....   lol....   REPORT YOUR PROBLEMS

Carole A. Davis
In God We Trust

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From: Denise <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thu, Apr 26, 2012 9:32 am
Subject: [IP] Endo Appointment

I went to see my endo this morning and my A1C is 7.1 - not as good as it
was last time, but still OK.

We went over my I:C ratios and ISFs and although I mailed a letter to
him months ago telling him what I was doing, he was a little surprised
to find that I was changing my I:C ratio for supper to 1:4 and using an
ISF of 20 in the morning, 15 in the afternoon and 10 at night.  I know
that I told him this.  Then, he doesn't want to log on to Dee Bees to
look at my BGs, but I can print them off and send them to him.  Judging
by how well he reviewed my letter, I suspect that the next time that I
show up in his office all of my BG results will be a revelation to him!
So annoying...  He wants me to use 20 all the time and 1:8 for my I:C
ratio all the time.  He doesn't have all that many patients anymore
because he's only in the office two days a week and he doesn't do
hospital rounds, either.

On the bright side, I have an appt. with the CDE to go over pumps.  I
went off the Ping because their cartridges were leaking on me.
(Interestingly enough, after the recall last year, nobody except me had
this problem!  I must have received every bad cartridge that Animas
sold!) Insulin leaked enough to ruin my first Ping, which was replaced.
  MiniMed sounds good enough, except for this button error thing that
has recently cropped up.  At least, MiniMed's reservoirs do not leak!
What I really want to see is t-Slim, though.  They just sent me an
e-mail asking if I was still interested...  I am curious about charging
it though.  A charge should last a week and you can charge it in any
outlet.  Hmmm...  I have questions about being tethered to a PC or an
electrical outlet.  Ah, well.  I think that I'm going to ask for priority.

Perhaps when I write letters to my endo, I'll have to put something
really shocking in those, so I know that they're getting read...

Denise B.
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