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Re: [IP] No Wonder!

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> From: Marshall <email @ redacted>

> No wonder my am bg is out of site, "Auto Off"  on the Revel for 4 
> hours turns 
> the delivery off for 4 hours, not the alarms! Guess I should have RTFM!

 The Auto Off feature has been on all of my Paradigm pumps (715, 722, Revel) and
has nothing to do with CGMS. It's a supposed safety feature that will
automatically turn off the pump if you don't press any buttons in a set amount
of time. I guess that is in case you pass out, after X hours it stops delivery.
My CDE set it up for 12 hours when I got my first pump. It went off once as I
was getting on the bus to go to work. I had eaten dinner the night before and
skipped breakfast, so I never needed to bolus for a long time. No CGMS then and
I didn't bother manually entering BGs unless I was going to bolus because that
first pump didn't remember them anyway.

 To shut off CGMS alarms you have to use the option within the sensor menu. You
can not shut off the general pump alarms like Low Reservoir, Low Battery etc.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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