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RE: [IP] totally off topic just need some help

I just heard on the radio about a treatment they are working with at Mass
Eye & Ear. They stimulate section of the brain with radio waves and they
have had a 90% success rate.

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I have tinnitus, and haven't found anything that works.
But that is me, hopefully your husband may find something.

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 5:49 PM, Dawn Emerick
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> Hello all,
>  My husband, and my primary care giver for the last 43 years has a
> case of tinnitus. He has tried everything...MD's. and acupuncturist. I
> so
> sorry for him as he is really suffering and everyone says there is nothing
> you
> can do. Any ideas?
> So sorry this is so off topic but hoped someone may have some help.
> Thank you,
> Dawn, Type1 53 years and now on an Omnipod
> .


Alan Segal
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