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Re: [IP] totally off topic just need some help

Sometimes tinnitus can be a sign that someone is losing some hearing. 
It's also one of the symptoms of Meniere's Disorder (I have this)which 
causes dizziness, imbalance, the tinnitus, and hearing loss.  I live 
with tinnitus a lot.  Some schools of thought think caffeine can 
increase tinnitus in many people.  Other people have used the "white 
noise" machines at night and say it helps ease their tinnitus.

There are many hearing loss clubs on the internet where your husband 
could get a lot of good info.


On 4/23/2011 6:49 PM, Dawn Emerick wrote:
> Hello all,
>    My husband, and my primary care giver for the last 43 years has a terrible
 > case of tinnitus. He has tried everything...MD's. and acupuncturist. I feel
 > sorry for him as he is really suffering and everyone says there is nothing
> can do. Any ideas?
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