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Re: [IP] Being prepared...

I put the vial, which is almost empty after three weeks of filling
reservoirs, in my pocketbook with a syringe for emergencies. Each month I
replace my spare. I have never had any problem with the insulin not working.
This has saved me several times. If I don't need to use it, I don't feel
guilty for throwing out such a little bit.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 9:31 AM, Stephen Golden <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I also keep a roll of Necco Wafers im my emergency kit for lows as well as
> some syringes in case of bad site or pump failure.
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> Emergency kit
> in a small bag(like shaving bag) I have
> 1 infusion set
> 1 inserter
> 2 AAA battery for Ultra link meter
> 1 AA battery for 722 pump
> 1 reservoir of U-500 Insulin
> 1 vial U-100 insulin
> 2 skin prep
> 2 alcohol wipes
> 1 plunger and adapter in medicine bottle
> 1 bottle of test strips
> I also have 1 Styrofoam container that my insulin is shipped in
> my car. Winter here can go to -30 deg F.
> I always rotate the supplies in the bag.
> The bag is always with me , I carry it from the house to the car and back.
> That usually means that I am no longer than 10 minutes away from it.
> I had one instance of pulling my set out when doing physical therapy at a
> hospital 50 miles from Home. Glad I had the emergency kit.
> John S Wilkinson   Rome, NY
> When you get the choice to sit it out or dance
> I hope you dance. I hope you dance. Lee Ann Womack
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> Subject: [IP] Being prepared...
> Sometimes I have to be kicked in the head to learn something.
> I work the midnight to 8 am shift, and yesterday morning at about 5 am, I
> got the no delivery sound from my pump.  I knew that the reservoir had run
> dry, as I had had a couple of low reservoir warnings earlier.  I went to my
> bag to pull out the little baggie with a new set, insulin, new reservoir,
> skin prep and tegaderm that I had gotten ready before I left for work in
> preparation for a changeout.... It wasn't there.  I had left it at home.
>  So
> I was sitting at work, out of insulin, with three hours left to go on my
> shift, a physical therapy appointment immediately after work, and I hadn't
> eaten since the previous evening at around 6 pm (having anticipated one of
> the bagels that a coworker brings in every Thursday).
> I cancelled the physical therapy appointment and of course didn't eat
> anything, and drove home at 8 am as fast as possible.  With traffic, I got
> home around 9 am.  BG was about 215 when I got home so all ended up ok
> though I knew it might continue to rise as a delayed reaction, but now I
> would have insulin to deal with it.
> I used to keep an unopened vial of insulin at work but stopped because I
> never used it.  I do keep an extra set and a reservoir plunger and
> connector in case of problem with the set.
> So, even though I know better, I had to have it happen to be reminded to be
> prepared.  I know I should carry extra supplies with me, but I've gotten
> very lazy about it because I rarely if ever need them, and generally I'm
> not
> far from home.  Work is about 20 miles but there's a lot of traffic in the
> morning going home.  I think the easiest thing to do is keep my insulin I'm
> using with my test kit and to leave a vial at work too.
> Stacey
> .
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