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Re: [IP] FW: Travel kit.

Hi Dianna,

 I guess that's the reason why I've always been told to carry a pen syringe and
an insulin vial with me, ALWAYS !
 Then you'l always have a possibility to get the indispensable insulin you need,
even if you have to use an injection every other hour....
 I do carry it with me, and every month or so I use the emergency insulin vial
to fill up the pump, because I do not want the insulin to be obsolete due to the
"out of fridge" time.
 I definitely had to use it quite a few times in the recent years : pump failure
or out of insulin reservoir, disconnected Quick Set, stuck infusion tube, empty
battery, the pen solution will solve them all, at least until I can get home and
get my supplies. By definition, you never know when something totally unexpected
will happen, so you'd better be prepared.
 So if you do not want to carry the whole kit around everywhere, the pen is a
good solution...

Jean Debefve
Le 15 avr. 2011 ` 16:50, Dianna Inkster a icrit :

> Hi, Jim Durr:
> In all the years, I've been pumping (9 years), I have had only 1 occasion
> where suddenly the line pulled out of the reservoir connection.  No real
> pressure on the reservoir at the time either.  Luckily we were home at the
> time so a quick line change was made and no harm was done.  However, I have
> often thought that the mishap (probably the line wasn't sealed well with the
> reservoir connector of the Quick Set) could have created real problems if it
> had happened miles from our home.
> Dianna Inkster
> .
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