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[IP] Paradigm insulin pump no more ?

Hi Benny,
I can understand what you feel. But at the same time, your problems may have
arisen only because of the person you've been dealing with, and not Medtronic
as a whole. We are all aware that the companies involved in the pump business
do that for the money, so we have to be careful and take care with what they
tell us (I.E. 98% accuracy on hypos with the Enlite sensor, wow ! ). But maybe
at the same time we should not make the whole company responsible for the
misconduct of one person (and the other employees who have been told about you
by that person...)  The culprit may have been fired the week after you stopped
talking with them...
I'm not a fan of Medtronic, although I have one and probably will go on with
them. But I think what really matters is what the results are. And there is a
lot of information in this group that make me think we really need a wide
variety of pumps to suit our personal differences. But changing brands only
because you did not have a good contact with someone in Medtronic office seems
a little bit irrational to me.

But of course I do not know what happened to you. And if it's the company
itself who was responsible for your problem -I mean, if it was a matter of
Medtronic policy, and not a bad person to person relationship- then please
tell us. Or have you written that before and is there an archive site where I
could get the info ?

I am a bit angry with Medtronic too, but it might be the person I talked to
who was in a bad mood - or even myself, for that matter (I don't think I got
in contact with them as I was under 50, but who knows ?  I was out of CGMS at
the time -their fault ! (grin !)

from Belgium

Le 12 avr. 2011 ` 19:49, Benny a icrit :
> I personally would never buy another MiniMed pump due to the customer
> problems I have had in the past.  Now, I never deal with them.
> Benny
> .
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