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RE: [IP] Paradigm insulin pump

I just ordered a new one from MM. It was starting to break off on one
side.  Do you use a quarter or nickel to screw the battery top on?

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 When screwing in the battery fastener screw sometimes it doesn't screw
properly because it does not catch properly.
 When that happens I unscrew it and very carefully re enter the screw.
If it is
in properly it will screw in fully. If it is not
 in properly, it will become tight before it is fully screwed in. Also
if it is
not started properly and tightens before it is fully seated, do not
force it in
at you might
damage the threads.  It's plastic and not as strong at metal.

On Apr 11, 2011, at 8:33 PM, Bob Nowak wrote:

> Yes. I use an eraser. The pump was replaced in Jan because the 1 year
> pump just died. The new pump never worked when we got it out of the
box. The
> next one is having this problem that happens 1 out of 10 batteries.
> basically a 3 month old pump. We never had any problems with either of
> last 2 minimed pumps.
> Thanks,
> Bob
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Marshall <email @ redacted>
>> Have you tried cleaning the contacts, with either a pencil eraser or
>> carefully with a liquid contact cleaner, perhaps using a q-tip
>> Not
>> Recommended By The MM Help Desk)?
>> <SLASH>
>> Same batteries we've used for 8 years. If you get an error or no
>> and
>> take the battery out and replace it with the same one it will work
most of
>> the
>> time!
>> <SLOSH>
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